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PhD/MPhil Dissertations

PhD Dissertations

Essays on Applied Industrial Organization in Pakistan
Maryiam Haroon

Essays on the Constraints on Micro-Enterprises Run by Women
Farah Said

Interest Rate Spreads, Loan Diversification and Market Discipline in Pakistan’s Commercial Banking Sector
Ayesha Afzal

MPhil Dissertations

Impact of Family size on Child Health in Pakistan
Fatima Jamil

The Long Run Effects of ChildhoodExposure to Violence and Women’s Protection Initiatives on Well-being
Hijab Waheed

Impact of Gender On Meritocratization: A Panel Data Study
Kiran Tariq

The Short and Long-Term Effects Of Women’s Participation In A Social Movement: Evidence From The Anjuman-E-Mazareen Punjab Movement
Aiman Farrukh

Organizational Development, Foreign Technology And Economic Growth: Long-Run Equilibrium, Transitional Dynamics And Closed-Form Solutions
Nida Naz

Can Competition Reduce Moral Hazard? A Laboratory Experiment
Raja Abdar Rehman

The Impact of Terrorism on Educational Outcomes: The Case of Pakistan
Saniya Jilani

The role of Financial Institutions in an Economic Growth Model with Renewable Natural Resource and Endogenous Technology
Nayab Kanwal

Corruption, Institutional Barriers And Innovation
Zainab Idrees

Institutions and Exports of Firms: A Cross Country Analysis
Maryium Nazif

Impact of Parental Occupation on Career Aspirations
Fatimah Shah

Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Fasting on Cognitive Development of Children
Beenish Amir

Endogenous Time Preferences and Environmental Quality: Multiple Equlibria and Fiscal Implications
Mehreen Zahid

Impact of Physical Distance on Health Facility Choice: Evidence from Kashf's Health Micro Insurance Program
Dareen Latif

Multiple Equilibria and Stability Analysis of an Economic Growth Model with Human Capital Externalities and Endogenous Time Preferences
Ammara Riaz

Gender Differences In Willingness To Compete
Muhammad Ahmed Nazif

Corruption: The Role of Fiscal Policy and Wage Incentives
Saadia Aizaz Toor

Impact of Temporary Migration, Remittences and Parental Absence on Child Health and Morality
Myyda Aslam

Impact of Cousin Marriage And Watta Satta On Dowry In Rural Punjab
Komal Shakeel

The Impact of the Presence of an External Migrant and Remittance Inflows on Women’s Empowerment, Punjab
Mehreen Irshad

Birth Order and Child Labor
Maida Basharat

The Impact of Political Connections on the Allocation of Development Projects in Faisalabad
Tehreem Zia

The Effect of Screening Peer Monitoring, Group Pressure and Social Ties on Borrowing Groups’ Repayment Behavior
Shafaq Junaid

Investment in Early Childhood Health and Its Implications for Human Capital Accumulation
Muhammad Naveed

Transfer of Behavioral Traits from Parents to Children: An Experimental Approach
Maria Zubair

The Impact of School Facilities on Drop outs in Pakistan
Mahniya Zafar

Does the Distribution of Bargaining Power Across Parents Affect Children’s Well Being? Experimental Evidence
Aqsa Amjad

Measuring Mother’s Empowerment through Culture of Son Preference in Pakistan
Aimal Tanvir

The Impact of Early Childbearing and Child Health in Punjab
Aeman Nadeem

Homophily & Strategic Behavior in Social Interactions: Evidence from a Lab Experiment
Zeenat Ansari

Technology Adoption and Productivity Analysis in the Sialkot Sport Gloves Industry: A Comparison Among Small, Medium and Large Enterprises
Saba Fazal Firdousi

Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Fasting on Child Health Outcomes
Azka Sarosh Mir

The Role of International Migration of Unskilled Labor and Parental Absenteeism in the Human Capital Formation of Children Left Behind
Yumna Hasan

Cognitive Reflection and Decision Making
Taimoor Naseer Waraich

Fuzzy Judgment Aggregation: Distance Based Methods
Ayesha Syed

Social and Economic Networks: An Investigation of Retailer Networks in Lahore & their Impact on Enterprise Performance
Amar Shuja

The Political Economy of Ethnic Polarization, Natural Resource Curse and Income Inequality
Sadia Hussain

Impact of Female Secondary School Stipend Program on Enrollment, Marriage and Fertility Outcomes in Rural Punjab
Anam Masood

Female Empowerment and the Uptake of Maternity Care Services in Pakistan
Amber Masood

Human and Social Capital Complementarities in the Presence of Credit Market Imperfections
Natasha Moeen

The Role Of Socio-Economic Networks In Lahore For The General Elections 2013
Mahnoor Asif

Effects of Birth Order on Child Nutritional Status
Maha Khan

Unique and Multiple Equilibria in a Macroeconomic Model with Environment: Stability Analysis and Transitional Dynamics
Hafsa Tanveer

Corruption, Tax Evasion and Economic Development in Economies with Hierarchial Tax Administrative System
Anum Ellahi

Socioeconomic Determinants Of Maternal Health Behavior In Pakistan: An Instrumental Variable Approach
Shandana Shahid Dar

The Impact of Remittance versus Parental Absence on Children's Well-Being in Rural Punjab
Nida Jamil

Endogenous Patience in a Model of Economic Growth with Human and Unproductive Social Capitals
Umair Ayaz

Measuring Gender Disparity In Enrollment Rates, Type Of School And Years Of Education Of Children In Pakistan
Maham Khalid

Education, Employment, and Women’s Say in Household Decision-Making in Pakistan
Duryab Fatima

Impact of Parents’ Subjective Aspirations On Schooling Investment In Rural Punjab
Anam Ashraf

Relative Factor Abundance and Relative Factor Price Equality in Punjab
Resham Naveed

Impact of Child Labor on Schooling Outcome of Children Living in Rural Punjab, Pakistan
Meera Shafqat

Relative Wage Variation and Industry Location within Districts of Punjab
Zunia Saif Tirmazee

Labour Pooling as a Determinant of Industrial Agglomeration
Najam uz Zehra Gardezi

Effects of Agglomeration on the Formation and Scale of Operations of New Firms
Maryiam Haroon

Resource Misallocation and Aggregate Productivity in Punjab
Muhammad Haseeb

Effects of Agglomeration and Trade Liberalization on Firm Entry and Exit
Marjan Nasir

An Economic Analysis of the Determinants of Health and Nutritional Status of Children in Punjab
Uzma Afzal

Effects of External Migration on School Enrollments accumulated Schooling and Dropouts in Punjab
Rabia Arif

Growth Spillovers: Separating the Impact of Cultural Distance from Geographic Distance
Rabia Ikram

Determinants of Female labor Force Participation in Pakistan: An Instrumental Variable Approach
Mehak Ejaz